Sandstorm’s Funky flavours

DJ Sandstorm plays funky 80’s, 90’s and 00’s music. And besides mixing the funky hits, he also presents you three unique eclectic styles:

Jazz Mash‘, ‘Dance Rocks‘ and ‘Global Flavour‘! Three styles that have their own funky musical Identity and share the same soulful spirit!

Sandstorm also performs his own produced dance music live as ‘Sandstorm Soundsystem’. On this page you can check out his eclectic funky flavours.





Jazz Mash

Jazz Mash is DJ Sandstorm’s funky live experience with soul, funk, hiphop and dance mashed up. Many times with live musicians on sax, vocals and trumpet. ‘Jazz Mash’ is a regular at key jazz festivals like North Sea Jazz!

Dance Rocks

Sandstorm’s funky ‘rock meets dance’ style, that became famous through hundreds of mixes and mashups he created for Dutch Radio 3FM, including 16 Yearmixes, and various mixes for Radio Veronica.

Funky 80’s and 90’s

With ‘Funky 80’s and 90’s’ it’s all about the soulful r&b, hiphop and funky dance music from these two decades, all mashed up by DJ Sandstorm in his funky element!

Global Flavour

Sandstorm is also influenced by the musical blends from different cultures. He worked with Putumayo World Music, his ‘Global Flavour’ radioshow was popular on Dutch Radio Sublime FM and KLM inflight entertainment.


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