Funky beats since 1993

DJ Sandstorm is specialized in funky soulful music and always inspired by the electronic 80’s, funky 90’s and eclectic 00’s.  He is known for his mashups, remixes, funky DJ sets and his eclectic Yearmixes.

DJ Sandstorm plays at many leading pop, jazz and dance festivals, notably North Sea Jazz, Lowlands, Concert At Sea and many more. Sandstorm is also a regular mix-DJ on Dutch radiostations like Radio Veronica, NPO 3FM, Radio 2 and Sublime FM, for more than 20 years.

DJ Sandstorm started DJ’ing in the early 90’s, inspired by Dutch Grandmixer Ben Liebrand. It was the time of funky hiphop, r&b and the early years of house music. The funky beats and soulful sounds of oldschool hiphop, house and dance stayed with Sandstorm till the present day.

In the 90’s he developed his taste for funky breakbeat, electro and drum & bass. He also started producing and releasing his own dancemusic in these styles.

In the 00’s DJ Sandstorm became a household name on Dutch Radio 3FM, with weekly remixes and mashups of pop, rock and dance tracks. He also produced his eclectic 3FM Yearmixes for 16 years (2000 – 2015).

Nowadays, DJ Sandstorm still plays funky music from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.  He also developed three unique eclectic mixing-styles:  ‘Jazz Mash‘, ‘Dance Rocks‘ and ‘Global Flavour‘. Three styles that have their own funky musical identity but share the same soulful spirit.

DJ Sandstorm also produces and performes his own dancemusic live as ‘Sandstorm Soundsystem’ and he teaches his DJ and production skills to others.

Recent news

2020: DJ Sandstorm is a regular mix-DJ for Dutch Radio Veronica with both short and long music-mixes, notably the one-hour long ‘Top 1000 Allertijden Mix.’ DJ Sandstorm is also releasing his ‘Miami Mixes’ project on You Tube, with remixes of Jan Hammer.

2019: Besides producing and DJ’ing live at 80’s & 90’s events, DJ Sandstorm is teaching DJ lessons at DJ school ‘t Beest (The Netherlands) and is demonstrator for Roland Aira gear.

Download DJ Sandstorm’s biography in Dutch and English (PDF) and various press pictures below.

DJ Sandstorm Bio 2021 Dutch

Pressphoto 1 (picture by Laura De Roeck)

DJ Sandstorm Bio 2021 English

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DJ Lessons

DJ Sandstorm is active with DJ demo’s  at music-stores and music-fairs. He also teaches DJ skills at ‘DJ School ‘t Beest’ in The Netherlands. Read more...