Musical activities since 1993

DJ Sandstorm, the  funk soul brother! Specialized in funky soulful music, always inspired by the electronic 80’s, funky 90’s and eclectic 00’s! Famous for his mashups, remixes and funky DJ sets. Here you can find a brief history of DJ Sandstorm musical activities; DJ gigs, radio-work, remixes, mashups and yearmixes.


Below you can download DJ Sandstorm’s short biography in Dutch and English and a full ‘timeline’ biography (1993 – 2019) in English.

2020: DJ Sandstorm is a regular mix-DJ for Dutch Radio Veronica with both short and long music-mixes. DJ Sandstorm is also releasing his ‘Miami Mixes’ project on You Tube.

2019: Besides producing and DJ’ing live at 80’s & 90’s events, DJ Sandstorm is teaching DJ lessons at DJ school ‘t Beest (The Netherlands) and is demonstrator for Roland Aira gear.

2018: DJ Sandstorm is producing dance music and is performing live as Sandstorm Soundsystem. He also continues work for Roland Aira, with demos and showcases. He plays DJ sets at different jazz and dance festivals.


DJ Sandstorm Bio 2020 Dutch

Pressphoto 1 (picture by Laura De Roeck)

DJ Sandstorm Bio 2020 English

Pressphoto 2 (picture by Wout Kole)

DJ Sandstorm Timetable 1993 - 2018

Pressphoto 3 (picture by Joke Schot)


For DJ and live bookings, radio-mix syndication, remixing and DJ lessons, contact Sandstorm Productions:

DJ Lessons

DJ Sandstorm is active with DJ demo’s  at music-stores and music-fairs. He also teaches DJ skills at ‘DJ School ‘t Beest’ in The Netherlands. Read more...