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Welcome to the website of DJ Sandstorm, the funky dance and jazz DJ, mixing the funkiest music: soul, funk, jazz, dance and global beats. Here you can find everything about DJ Sandstorm's musical activities: DJ gigs, booking-information, new mixes and remixes, radio-broadcasts, his anual Yearmixes and more. Feel free to comment on news by DJ Sandstorm by filling in the form below the messages.


[Concert] Jazz Mash: Rilan & The Bombardiers, 14 September 2014

[06-09-2014 ] Sunday 14 September we are back with our monthly funky 'Jazz Mash' sessions in concert venue 't Beest in Goes (Netherlands, Zeeland). The seconds season kick-off will be a live mixture of funk, soul, rock and jazz by Rilan & The Bombardiers! Singer Rilan, with his characteristic voice and Afro hair, accompanied by his 10-member band, will make you want to move your feet on this Sunday afternoon.


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[Remix] Oliver Heldens vs Gwen Stefani


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[Global Flavour] DJ Sandstorms Global Chillout, Edition 01

[16-08-2014] Sublime FM takes a summerbreak. Currently there are no radiospecials in the evening hours on Sublime FM. But DJ Sandstorm  believes that you still need your dose of global beats and will provide you with fresh new mixes. This is a special chillout & lounge edition of Global Flavour: Global Chillout. Enjoy and relax!


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DJ Sandstorm ‘Dance Rocks’ Electro-pop edition

[08-08-2014] Here's a fresh DJ Sandstorm one-hour mix to kickstart your weekend, 'Dance Rocks'  the electro-pop edition!


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[Download] North Sea Jazz Mashup: Alain Clark vs Kelis & Chic


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