The eclectic funky Mashup DJ!

Welcome to the official website of DJ Sandstorm, the eclectic funky DJ from The Netherlands! Famous for his funky Mashups, Yearmixes on national radio and funky DJ sets at many leading festivals and events. Mashing up soulful, funky or jazzy dancemusic from around the world. DJ Sandstorm creates unique blends of 80's, 90's and 00's dancemusic!



DJ Sandstorm Social Media


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[Mixcloud] Jazz Mash Liquid Drum & Bass Mix

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[Soundcloud] Adam Yauch/ Beastie Boys Tribute Mix

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[Sky Radio] Running Hits, May Edition

[03-05-2017] Sky Radio and DJ Sandstorm create the perfect 'Running playlists'! Every month you can run on your favorite music, using the one hour mixes by DJ Sandstorm. There are three different hour-mixes, matching the BPM of the music to your running pace: Starter (120 - 130- BPM), Advanced (140 - 150 BPM) and Expert (160 - 180 BPM).We also provide you with a Stretch & Relax Mix of 15 minutes. All mixes are refreshed with a new edition at the start of the new month! 

Listen to the May mixes and download the podcasts here!

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[NPO Radio 2] Operation DJ Sandstorm, 10 March 2017

[10-03-2016] Some more Dance Rocking beats in the mix this week, mashing up 80's and 90's hiphop and funk classics and 00's synths and guitars with an 80's 'Vice' twist. Future Funk!

Check the playlist below and listen Friday night at 21:40 h. CET. to the radioshow 'Het Platenpaleis' with Marc Adriani on Dutch NPO Radio 2.


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