[Yearmix] DJ Sandstorm Yearmix 2016 LIVE

[20-12-2016] Last year I wrote 'the year is not complete without a DJ Sandstorm Yearmix'. For 16 years in December, I produced a Yearmix of one hour, with all the big r&b, pop and dance hits of the year behind us. But this year I will do it completely different.  The DJ Sandstorm Yearmix 2016 will be a LIVE DJ MIX.

For the first time creating this mix, I am not looking at my Pro Tools screen or my Akai samplers (like in the first years). This year, the brandnew ROLAND DJ 808 controller with Serato is my work space.


I already use Serato DJ software for many years now, when I do live gigs. And in the studio I work with many Roland synths and groovemachines. So when Roland and Serato announced the DJ 808 controller on 9-09 day (9 September), I was very interested to see what this could do for my creativity. And it is a blast!

Creating a live DJ mix with this controller is fun! Doing live mashups, using the hotcues, sampler, onboard effects like reverb, filters and delay, and of course the onboard TR-S drummachine with all the classic Roland drumsounds!

Watch this space in the coming weeks for more info on the DJ Sandstorm Yearmix 2016 Live. And if you would like to book it for your live event, get in touch here!


On 24-12-2016 Peter wrote the following:

Hi, ben erg geïnteresseerd in de 2016 jaar mix. Gr, peter

On 30-12-2016 Dani wrote the following:

waiting impatiently. like every year!!!

On 01-01-2017 decay wrote the following:

Seems like a hell of a job , with all the tiny edits grin
dont forget to record a session…because i miss my favorite yearmix on this new yearsday

On 06-01-2017 Lars Hertil wrote the following:

when can i listen to yearmix 2016

On 07-01-2017 Theo wrote the following:

Ik kan niet wachten tot hij online gaat staan, de Yearmix 2016… Gaat dat nog gebeuren?

On 11-01-2017 John Pope wrote the following:

looking forward to this ending up on soundcloud.

On 11-01-2017 Joop wrote the following:

hoi Sander, kijk al jaren uit naar je jaarmixen. Fan van het eerste uur. Blijf er steeds van genieten. Dit jaar laat je me wel op de honger zitten. Geen DJ Sandstorm jaarmix, maar wel en Yearmix 2016 LIVE. Enig kans wanneer we die te horen krijgen of hoe te beleven?  Het oor wilt het graag beleven hoe de Yearmix 2016 Live klinkt.
Met vriendelijke groeten Joop

On 13-01-2017 Peter Pul wrote the following:

Already two weeks in January and still no yearmix :( Is there an eta on when it will be published. Always a big fan of your yearmixes.

On 15-01-2017 S wrote the following:

the year is not complete without a yearmix!

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