DJ Sandstorm live tour dates

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[Sky Radio] Running Hits podcasts and streams

Sky Radio and DJ Sandstorm create the perfect 'Running playlists'! Since June 2016 you can run on your favorite music, using the one hour mixes by DJ Sandstorm. There are three different hour-mixes, matching the BPM of the music to your running pace: Starter, Advanced and Expert. We also provide you with a Stretch & Relax Mix of 15 minutes. All mixes are refreshed with a new edition at the start of the new month! Listen to the mixes and download the podcasts!

Keep On Running with Sky Radio and DJ Sandstorm!


[NPO Radio 2] Operation DJ Sandstorm, Fridays @Het Platenpaleis (21:40 h. CET)

'Operation DJ Sandstorm' is the 6 minute party mashup mixed by DJ Sandstorm to kickstart your weekend! Every Friday you can hear a fresh 'Operation' in the radioshow 'Het Platenpaleis' on Dutch NPO Radio 2 at 21:40 h. CET. Showhost Marc Adriani spins your favorite danceclassics from 20:00 till 22:00 h. CET.

History: for more then 7 years you could hear DJ Sandstorms 'Operation DJ Sandstorm' mashup in 'Ekstra Weekend' with Michiel Veenstra en Grerad Ekdom on Dutch Radio 3FM (2006 - 2014).


[KLM] DJ Sandstorm mixes on Dutch DJ Channel

You can enjoy DJ Sandstorm's funky mixes around the globe when you fly with KLM. DJ Sandstorm's 'Dance Rocks', 'Global Flavour' and 'Jazz Mash' blends are available on the Dutch DJ Channel of KLM inflight entertainment.


Enjoy your flight with KLM and DJ Sandstorm!