Musical activities since 1993

A brief history of DJ Sandstorm musical activities; DJ gigs, radio-work, remixes, mashups and yearmixes, from early 90’s untill now!

2018: DJ Sandstorm is producing new dance music and is performing live as Sandstorm Soundsystem. A live project of dub, techno, breakbeat and drum & bass with no computers but only live hardware! He also continues his work for Roland Aira DJ gear with demos and showcases.

2017: Since 2017 DJ Sandstorm works together with Roland Musical Instruments, doing in-store demos and showcases at musicfairs with Roland DJ/producer gear like the DJ-808 and Aira/Boutique line. DJ Sandstorm also continues his monthly Sky Radio Running Hits Mixes. He plays at many summer festivals, notably North Sea Jazz Festival 2017 and TT Festival 2017.

2016: DJ Sandstorm continues his weekly mixes for ‘Het Platenpaleis’ on NPO Radio 2. In February he produces a one hour ‘Classics’ Mix for NPO Radio 2, with 68 pop-classics from the 60’s till 00’s mashed up. DJ Sandstorm also focusses on sports, with ‘Workout Mixes’ for Giel Beelen on 3FM and since June 2016 DJ Sandstorm and Sky Radio work together with monthly Sky Radio ‘Running Hits Mixes’.


2015: In February DJ Sandstorm produces ten Zeroes-mashups for 3FM’s ‘Zeroes Request’ week, broadcast in the radioshow ‘Giel’. He also plays a 3 hour live DJ set on 3FM mashing up the best Zeroes music. Continuation of DJ Sandstorm mixes on KLM Dutch DJ Channel. Since May 2015 ‘Operation DJ Sandstorm’ is back on NPO Radio 2, every Fridaynight in the music-request show ‘Het Platenpaleis’. He also produces the 16th DJ Sandstorm Yearmix for 3FM.

2014: DJ Sandstorm plays at different jazz festivals and at urban/ world music Festival Mundial. In 3FM’s ’90’s Request Week’ he plays a 3 hour live DJ set on the radio, mashing up the best 90’s hiphop, R&B, pop, rock and dance. Since October 2014 you can hear DJ Sandstorm mixes on KLM’s Dutch DJ Channel. On New Years Eve, the 15th DJ Sandstomr Yearmix is aired on 3FM.

2013: DJ Sandstorm hosts two weekly mixshows on Sublime FM: ‘Jazz Mash’ and ‘Global Flavour’ and continues his weekly ‘Operation DJ Sandstorm’ mixes on 3FM. He produces the 14th. DJ Sandstorm Yearmix for 3FM, broadcast on 3 January 2014.

Below you can download DJ Sandstorm’s short biography in Dutch and English and a full ‘timeline’ biography (1993 – 2017) in English.

DJ Sandstorm Bio 2017 NL

DJ Sandstorm Bio 2017 Eng

Musical activities


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